We want to make your visit a memorable experience in Monferrato

Breakfast / Memories

One of the best ways to demonstrate the abundance this land has to offer begins with breakfast in the “window room”, where the sunlight illuminates every table. Most of our menu is homemade using local products and may include salami, cheeses, hazelnut cakes, seasonal cookies, 0 km butter, vegetable juice prepared with our own juicing machine, citrus juices, coffee, and a selection of teas and herbal teas. We are happy to adjust our menu for any dietary restrictions/allergies, so please let us know your needs upon check-in. Breakfast in your room is available upon request.

Imagine a quiet, spectacular sunset from a terrace overlooking the vine-covered hills. Add a bottle of local wine, some great salami and cheese, and you have the perfect moment of enjoyment and relaxation. We are available to help with everything you need to achieve these special moments.

Aperitif / Emotions

Billiards / Challenges

Filippo Mellana’s billiard table was built by the Deagostini Brothers, a historic company still operating in Turin. This 6-leg table, with the original polished stone top and slats, was brought to the house in the 1920s. Our guests are welcome to use this historic table because, like the Mellana family, we believe that socializing and shared moments can contribute to everyone’s well-being.

The library is a room that may literally leave you speechless. A carved chestnut bookcase divided into thematic sections and a beautiful desk that belonged to the Mellana family are worth the time spent admiring them. The shelves showcase hundreds of volumes, from ancient to recent, that are available to those who appreciate good reading. Why not grab a good book and unwind in a 19th century chair next to the window looking out over the hills?

Library / Silence

Piano / Musicians

Our piano is a recently renovated Conrad Graf from 1836. Conrad Graf is recognized as “The Founder” of all piano makers and was the reference for the Viennese Construction School, which supplied pianos to Ludwig Van Beethoven and Robert Schumann! There are currently only around 60 pianos in the world like ours. This important instrument, which also belonged to the Mellana family, is available to musicians only.

Beautiful during the colder seasons and spectacular in the warmer months with plants and flowers everywhere. Intense aromas, the buzz of hard-working bees that might put you to sleep should you decided to relax in the shade of the centuries-old olive tree near the majestic jasmine wall. We love joy, and we love to laugh and smile, but we are serious about doing our best to make your visit to Castle Mellana an unforgettable experience.

Garden / Nature