Ambienti & Dintorni

A concept store created in 2000, in the heart of Casale Monferrato, with the goal of developing and recapturing the idea that the home is a place to express yourself and your lifestyle. A philosophy in which accessories play an important role in providing a personal touch to every corner of your home; and to rediscover the pleasure of living in relaxing spaces created by using a harmonious combination of objects and accessories.

Ambienti & Dintorni / Research

Ambienti & Dintorni searches for objects and accessories, Italian and non-Italian, that are first and foremost of high-quality workmanship.

This means the raw materials, craftsmanship, the creativity and ingenuous solutions. Browsing through our unique variety of objects including lamps, glasses, carpets, furniture, and more… you may feel the excitement of choosing something that makes your home a reflection of you. Great gift ideas too!

bed&Breakfast&More / vision

Ambienti & Dintorni is just another aspect of what we mean by “more”. In 2018 the boutique relocated from the city to Castle Mellana to form a unique combination: this historic castle provides the perfect atmosphere to browse, admire, and fall in love with the history of the objects; and the boutique reciprocates by adding appeal and importance to the castle by making it more than a bed & breakfast, … much more.